Company Policy


  • 50% Deposit: on all orders
  • C.O.D. – Deemed by the salesperson on past and repeat clients, including small business, schools, church organizations, Fraternity & Sorority Organizations
  • Net Day Terms: Granted with signed corporate purchase orders only

Return Check Fees & Late or Overdue invoices:

  • a fee of $30 will be charged for all returned checks
  • 5% per day charge of invoice amount will be added for invoices that are late or delinquent

Typeset, Layout and Proofs:

Included in the Typeset/layout fee, one proof shall be provided to customer for jobs that require typeset & layout. Typeset charges include one email proof for your approval. Additional piece personalization charges, such as name or title changes are $5 to $10 per additional piece. Please note: Unless there are text errors or other logo requests, all second or third proof requests are subject to additional art charges or hourly rates. Any additional typeset required outside of misspelling or verbiage miscommunication will be subject to a billing for additional typeset & layout fees. Please feel free to avoid typeset and layout fees all together by providing camera –ready artwork that will only be adjusted to fit the product you have ordered. See Submission of art below. If typeset & layout is required, the font sizes and styles will be left to our art department- which will utilize limited fonts style parameters. There are only a few options for what we consider standard fonts, so font choices are at the discretion of 3D Trophy Art Department. Typeset Proofs do not include engraved items, since the engravers only print out to the material that they engrave on.

Submission of Artwork and Text:

We encourage our customers to submit all logos and text to assure accuracy and customer satisfaction. Some submissions will be billed at a lower price-point than the typeset & layout fee, since the customer has taken the responsibility to create the art needed for production. We accept logos submitted in EPS and Jpeg files, and text in Word documents only. Any hand written copy submitted by customer or otherwise must be signed and approved by customer before production. All spelling of dictionary words is the responsibility of 3D Trophy, excluding personalized names of persons, places or businesses.

Art Charges:

If you have a specific font requests, by all means, please feel free to submit us a word document or .eps, jpeg and vector images in the style in which you would like to have etched. Not all fonts and characters match with our unique graphic programs and laser/etching engravers. We can, however duplicate any image submitted. Scan & set-up charges are $18. Otherwise, a $24 typeset & layout charge will be designed with complete precision by our qualified and capable graphic artists, which will be limited to fonts 3D Trophy feels best suited for your award. Redesigned art is required for complex art or logos that prove difficult to reproduce, re-print or etch. This would incur additional Graphic Art Charges that start at $25 for the initial hour and charged an hourly rate of $25 per hour if more time is needed per job. We will always consult with our customer prior to production if this procedure is needed.

Shipping, Packaging & Handling:

3D Trophy does not deliver- however for a small fee, courier services, UPS or FedEx shipping can be obtained. Packaging and handling will be billed at additional costs as well. Our Company promises an in hand date for every order- whether written on reminder cards that display working hours, or on invoices explaining pick up dates. We do not call customers to remind them of orders to be picked up.

Order Cancelations:

All orders are required a deposit before production, and balance upon completion. If an order is cancelled after production occurs, the deposit will be held as sufficient payment, and the balance will be cancelled.

Design & Craftsmanship:

For over 28 years, our company prides ourselves on our creativity and craftsmanship. However this is hand crafted art. Not all jobs can be perfect. Mechanically precise exact measurements or increments due to material flaws, imperfect measurement of plaque boards, and alignment of plates, color & hue processed cannot always be controlled. So it is the discretion of 3D Trophy to determine if your purchase is in need of replacement, correction or refund.

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